DFWBTA – Karl Lehman Annual Blood Drive

In the Spring of 2014, to honor one of our members in need, we held our 1st Annual DFWBTA Blood Drive.

In an effort to expand our charitable reach in our local community we have chosen to continue this tradition of giving for any members with loved ones facing catastrophic health issues or in memory of lost loved ones.

The most important message to be conveyed is that summer is a time of need for the blood bank.  Usage goes up; donations go down.  Each unit of blood is even more precious than it already is. Over 4 million Americans would die each year, if not for blood donors. Our local DFW community alone relies on more than 1,000 donors each day to support the needs of patients in our community.

One blood donation saves 3 lives 

Our Next Blood Drive will be 1st Quarter of 2020 - More details to come!

Attached is a flyer that will answer most of your questions about the importance of blood donation and what is required to donate. Click Here to view flyer.


Melinda Watkins ([email protected] ph# 214-891-1153
Volunteer Drive, Coordinator—please contact with any questions/concerns.