Contact Your Officials

Contact Your Elected Officials

"Political Action is the Highest Responsibility of a Citizen." John F. Kennedy

One of the most important things that you can do with your DFWBTA membership is be a part of the voice of the industry! The NBTA PAC is your voice on Capitol Hill and you can help them represent the business travel industry's concerns by contacting your elected officials on topics including:

o Fight for Common Sense Air Travel Rules and Procedures

- Enact a voluntary "Trusted Traveler" program

o Save Your Company Money

- Legislation re. visa waiver expansion 

- Stop Rental Car taxes in WA, OR, AZ 

o  Promote Managed Travel

- Stop bills that would restrict meetings, conventions and travel

- Work with federal agencies to adopt industry best practices

o Improve Travel Infrastructure


How To Email Your Elected Officials

Every day elected officials consider legislation that affects YOU, the business travel professional. To voice your opinion, simply click on this link   It will only a take a couple of minutes.

Click Here To Complete Form to have DFWBTA send an email on your behalf.