NBTA Chapter Standardization

Chapter Presidents’ Council

Chapter Standardization/Harmonization Document


Name Consistency – All affiliated chapters must be designated a Business Travel Association (BTA).

Minimum Number of Meetings – At a minimum, chapters must meet quarterly during a calendar year.

Chapter Membership – Chapters must strive for a balanced ratio of Allied and Direct members without limitation on the number of members by category.  The chapter membership shall be comprised of four membership types: 

1.                  Allied                          3.         Student/Educator

2.                  Direct                          4.         Honorary

Chapter Officers – The minimum number of chapter officers is three: President, Vice President, and Secretary/Treasurer.  A minimum of two officers are required to be NBTA members.  The president must be an NBTA member.

CPC Meetings – Each chapter must be represented at a minimum of two Chapter Presidents’ Council meetings per calendar year.  If the president cannot attend a CPC meeting, the chapter must send the other chapter board member who is a member of NBTA. 

Reporting - Accurate and timely financial reporting is required for all chapters.  The CPC requires all financial reporting for the preceding calendar year (January through December) be complete and submitted electronically to Amy Weist at NBTA by January 31 annually.  The financial reporting will include a profit and loss statement, a balance sheet using the CPC template and a recently reviewed copy of the chapter’s bylaws.

a)  All chapters will file an IRS Form 990, Return of Organization Exempt From Income Tax, whether or not it is necessary according to the chapter’s bank deposit balances, or whether you fall under NBTA’s group exemption.

b) All chapters will obey the IRS record retention policies.

c) The CPC recommends each chapter have an independent certified accountant review all bookkeeping and financial records for the chapter annually.

Chapter Websites – All chapter websites are required to provide a link to the NBTA website.

NBTA Competitors – Chapter websites, speakers and programs must not promote NBTA competitors.

Chapter Growth – NBTA is committed to develop and manage geographic territories for future chapter growth.


Chapters in good standing with NBTA and the CPC benefit through participation in:

Ø      Scholarship opportunities

Ø      CPC Committee Assignments

Ø      The Business Travel Professional Service Award

Ø      Networking at the convention’s Chapter Chat

Ø      The NBTA and CPC websites

Ø      The CPC list serve

Repeated failure to comply with the requirements listed here/above/at the beginning of this document will cause the CPC to remind the chapter president of his or her obligations to the organization.  If the chapter remains noncompliant by the next CPC quarterly meeting, the chapter will not be permitted to participate in scholarship opportunities, CPC committees, or the Business Travel Professional Service Award.  If the chapter remains noncompliant through two CPC quarterly meetings, the chapter will not be invited to Chapter Chat, and be removed from the NBTA and CPC websites and the CPC list serve.  If the chapter remains noncompliant through three CPC quarterly meetings, the chapter will be considered noncompliant and dissolved.

Recommendations for Individual Chapters:

a) Surveys -- All chapters should regularly survey their membership and meeting attendees to manage benchmarking, speaker resources, and volunteer accountability.  The standard questions for the survey would ask the respondents to rate the venue location/geography, quality of the meeting and  speaker, timing of the meeting, value to their job, content of the meeting, the member type or guest responding to the survey and the overall service provided if the venue is a hotel. The CPC recommends all surveys be consistent in questions asked and method or scheduling of distribution, be sent electronically and have a point scale of 1 through 4 where 1 is the lowest mark and 4 is the highest mark and the option for N/A should be included.

b) Confidentiality -- The CPC recommends all chapter board members, committee chairs, and anyone attending chapter board meeting should sign a confidentiality agreement.  NBTA will supply the confidentially agreement template but the chapter must include their logo on the document.  In order to manage this process, the CPC recommends each chapter nominate one person responsible for record retention and filing, audit the agreements annually, ask the signer to sign two copies and keep one for their records.  Furthermore, all chapter board meeting agendas should include an item about the confidentiality agreements and new attendees should sign a copy early on during the meeting.  This recommendation should be included in the chapter’s guidelines and procedures.

c) Board Size and Terms -- The CPC recommends all NBTA chapters maintain similar board structures.  At a minimum, the CPC recommends chapters elect a president, vice-president, secretary /treasurer.  The president of the chapter must be a member of NBTA.  Chapters must fill board positions from chapter members in good standing.  Chapters are strongly encouraged to incorporate all board positions into two-year terms and implement a succession planning mechanism.  All board members should be held responsible to attend at least a simple majority of the board and chapter meetings.  Board member and committee chair descriptions should be well documented with responsibilities clearly defined. 

d) Roberts Rules of Order -- The CPC recommends chapters adopt Robert’s Rules of Order as the protocol for board and committee meetings to the extent appropriate.

e) Websites - The CPC recommends every chapter have a website containing the following elements:

Ø      Contact information for board and committee chair members

Ø      A link to the NBTA website (required)

Ø      A copy of the current chapter bylaws

Ø      A mission statement

Ø      Membership descriptions

Ø      Information for joining the chapter

Ø      A calendar of events

Ø      A section for members only

Ø      A declaration of the chapters non-profit status

Ø      The chapter logo

Furthermore, the CPC recommends each chapter regularly maintains the website and updates information as necessary.

f) Meeting Structure and Frequency - The CPC recommends chapters host membership meetings on a monthly or bi-monthly schedule.  All chapter members and potential members should be strongly encouraged to attend all chapter meetings if possible.  In order to maintain consistency, chapters are encouraged to host meetings in a consistent and regular frequency and venue.

g) Membership Collateral and Templates - The CPC recommends each chapter create and maintain templates for common business functions pertaining to the chapter.  All chapters are encouraged to create and manage the following electronic templates:

Ø      Membership

Ø      Value of chapter membership

Ø      Thank you letter

Ø      Welcome letter

Ø      Certificates of recognition

Ø      Meeting venue RFP

Ø      Administrative assistant RFP

Ø      Sponsorship RFP

Ø      Guidelines and Operating Procedures